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The MAD Sailor Moon Quiz!


Well another great month has past, and that means a new fresh quiz has finally come to challenge your moonie minds again. I must apologise for not replying to some quizzies out there, email was clogged with lots of emails! This is SM quiz 16 which runs from:
1 July- 30 September 2000 !
This gives time for everyone to think and do the quiz ! 

Many thanks to lunamoon91 and Kristen Butler who created the questions for you moonies. You have been such a great help and made this possible, so thank-you.

Answer the questions by typing your answer in the blank block next to it, submit them to me and I'll tell you how much you got right and I'll give you a personal ranking for this month's quiz ! eg. Definitely a SailorMoon Fan ! I'll try and get those results ASAP.

SPECIAL: See if you can be named the Millennium century SM fan (the highest ranking you can get for this quiz), only a rare few are called these. It depends how you answer the questions in the quiz as well as getting them all right too! See how you go.


Mulitple choice:

1. Who did Chibi-Usa have a crush on?
   a. Kaori
   b. Haruka
   c. Massonori
   d. Hotaru



2.Which is not a memberof the 5 witches?

   a. Eudial
   b. Mimette
   c. Kaolinite
   d. Palla Palla



3. Who are the three talismen?

    a. Haruka, Setsuna, Michiru
     b. Darien, Hotaru, Chibi-USA
     c. Serena, Haruka, Michiru
     d. Chibi-USA, Serena, Hotaru


Short answer questions:

4. Which Sailor Senshi have staff-like weapons?


5. Name the weapons:


6. How many series are there of Sailor Moon?


7. Name them in Order: ie. Sailormoon......


8. Who is Chibi Chibi?


9: Where are the Starlights REALLY from?


10: Name 2 of Sailor Mercury's powers


* Fun Question * From the anime seris "Pokemon" how many Pokemon are there in total??


Whew ! That was a SM brain teaser ! Now let's put in your email address and press the submit button and see how you went !

Your email address ( so I can send those results back to you )

** NOTE : You must fill in the email address box to receive your results back !) **


Please press it once only. It does send. I'll try and get the results to you as soon as I can.
Thanks and hoped you had fun !

The quiz questions this month was created by
Lunamoon91 and Kristen Butler, thank you so much for your help ! Also thank-you to all that do contribute their ideas and questions for the quiz. I'll definitely mention your name in the credits page and here when your questions are up.
Different questions will be issued every 3 months from issued date.
If you would like a reminder to remind when new questions are issued then just
Sign my guestbook.

Next set of questions will be issued : 1st September 2000 !

Please don't copy these questions for your quiz.