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Bab's Cool Sailor Moon Page

Hi ! And welcome to the Silver Millenium ! This page has pictures and info on the Sailor scouts including the outer senshi and extra characters and also lot's of Sailor stuff to do. Do enjoy your visit and come again soon. Visit my main page once you're done for more anime stuff ! Have fun !
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SailorMoon is about Sailor Scouts who each belong to a planet of the universe who swear to protect the earth from evil encounters. Especially the Negaverse. First it starts of with 5 Sailor Scouts then more scouts follow called the outer senshi.. and so the journey begins with lot's of adventure ahead

SailorMoon is a Japanese animated cartoon that is loved by a wide audience around the world. This wonderful cartoon was created by the talented

Naoko Takeuchi

All the characters of SailorMoon

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Inner Senshi
SailorMoon Sailor Venus Sailor Mecury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter Tuxedo Mask
Click here to have pictures and info on the inner senshi

Outer Senshi
Sailor Pluto Sailor Uranus Sailor Saturn Sailor Neptune
Click here to have pictures and info on the outer senshi

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