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SailorMoon (Pretty Soilder)
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Japanese Name : Tsukino Usagi

English name : Serena

Birth date : June 30th

Age : 14

Star sign : Cancer

Favourite colours : White and Pink

Likes : Shopping, video games and eating

Favourite food : Ice-cream

Least favourite food : Carrots

Favourite subject : Home Economics

Dislikes : Maths, Darien calling her 'Meatball head' ^_^

Serena is a whining cry baby. She's very clumsy and has a lot of fights with Rei (SailorMars). Even though she might seem to be hopeless, Serena is at her best once she's SailorMoon. She has a talking cat named Luna helps her through her journey discovering more about her past and finding the Sailor Scouts. Serena being the person who she is flipped out when she found out Luna's talking ability. She's the leader of the group of followers loyal to the moon.

She has had a crush on Darien's friend, Andrew.

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