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Sailor Mars

Japanese name : Hino Rei

English name : Raye

Blood type : AB

Age : 15

Birthday : April 17th

Star sign : Aries

Favourite colour : Red and Black

Likes : Meditating, learning ancient writing

Dislikes : Modern society

Ambition : Hopes to be a singer

Raye is a very pretty person. She always gets into fights with Serena. She'll always be the first one in the group to tell SailorMoon what she's doing wrong. Though Raye can get stubborn and a bad temper at times she is a strong person at heart. She controls the power of fire, which makes her attacks the best. She also uses the ancient writing to help her in her fights, which makes her one of the strongest person in the group.

Raye is also a good singer. She writes her own songs and sings them. One of her best song that she's sung is 'Oh Starry Night '.


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Hear Raye's cool song 'Oh Starry Night '


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