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Bab's Top Ten Sailor Moon Sites List !

You are about to see the coolest Top Ten Sailor Moon sites on the net !

Information and rules about it :

We have a new system now, sites are now judged by the number of hits they get by net surfers who click on the banner, which they have to put up on their sites to receive any hits. The more hits the better the site is ranked.

Sites that have been submitted but don't appear on the Top Ten are still in the database but haven't had enough hits to be on the top ten.

All sites that reach No.1, have their banner for their site shown (if submitted) for making it to No.1. It's hard you know !

If you have a Sailor Moon or related site submit it in ! It's great advertisement for your page ! The page is updated everyday, so you can see if your rankings have improved !

Remember : we're not in competion it's all for a bit of fun ! And if you are going to submit your SM site, you MUST have the allocated banner put on your page or you won't be ranked at all, as you can't receive any Hits from people.





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