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Rules and Conditions ( please read them ! )

The sites are judged by the quality, how it's presented, etc.. It shouldn't be hard to get in cause all SailorMoon sites I've seen so far are excellent. It'll be a tough time deciding to judge. I'll take a look at them as soon as I can. Be patient. Sometimes sites aren't excepted.


You of course ! Your site is being advertised here for free. That's if you make it the the top ten. Also you get a wonderful evaluation so people can see what your site has to offer and attract them to it. No promises though !

To keep your site up there and be eligible to be in this top ten you MUST have a link to my page from your page just as a return favour really.



* Must be a Sailor Moon or SailorMoon related page.

* No Hentai or sites that contain obsence language in it


Please fill in this form to submit your site in.


Sailor Quiz. How well do you know the show SailorMoon ?

O.k ! It's the month of September and that means a new set of questions ! This is QUIZ 9 for September and October 1998. A new set of questions are going to be issued every 2 months, so it gives EVERYONE time to do it. The questions may be hard or easy, but I'm sure you can answer all of them. Thanks to JMCruz for this month's questions.Let's see if you can answer these questions. Don't forget to have FUN !

Answer the questions, submit them to me and I'll tell you how much you got right and I'll give you a personal ranking for the month ! eg. Definitely a SailorMoon Fan !

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If your browser or server doesn't support forms like this then

Email me with the Name of the site , URL with it and your email address.

And I'll take a look at it.



Your site may not get in as there are a lot of other sites submitted and ONLY TEN fit in the list. Sites can be dropped out of the list if another site is submitted. So please don't think your site is bad, but only so many places can be filled. Usually you are notified if your site is out of the List.



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