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RESULTS OF 1 January-31 April '99 Sailor Poll

Well a Sailor Poll has been running for the past 4 months, and people have been placing their votes in, which made this poll a very close one ! The question was :
Who do you think is the cutest character in the Sailor Moon seris ?

The person that had the most votes was by far :


Sailor Chibi Moon aka Reeny

with 40 votes out of 200 votes

I got so many votes for others but Sailor Chibi Moon, aka Reeny just slip into first place ! Here are some comments why people voted for her. Thanks to all that voted !

Many thanks to Janice's Transparent GIF Shop for the cool pictures you see before you. Thanks !

Janice's SM Transparent GIF shop

* Her smile and charm are the cutest !


* Duh ! She's so adorable and cute and like Serena but much more cuter !


* She's small, pink and has the cutest smile !



* Because she's so small and cute !



* I love her hair style and her voice and she brings happiness wherever she goes. Everyone loves her.... she's so cute !



* She's so cute because she is sweet, adorable, cute, and has the cutest voice but isn't a brat.



* Sailor Chibi Moon/Reeny is the cutest because she's the smallest, and has wild pink hair !


* She may be a brat but who could resist the cat ear shaped odangos ?




Other very close candidates were Sailor Chibi Chibi, Darien, and SailorMoon !

Well there goes another poll for now, why not vote in our new poll for the month of May? Just go back to the main page. Till then thanks to all that have voted for the past polls. They were great ! I love getting those results to you ! Are you surprised by the results ?

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