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RESULTS OF 1 May - 30 September '99 Sailor Poll

Well a Sailor Poll has been running for the past 4 months, and people have been placing their votes in, which made this poll a very close one ! The question was :

Who do you think is the best/favourite villain of the
Sailor Moon series ?

The person that had the most votes was:


Black Lady aka Wicked Lady

with 24 votes out of 171 votes

I got so many votes for others but Black Lady aka Wicked Lady just slip into first place ! Here are some comments why people voted for her. Thanks to all that voted !

Many thanks to Janice's Transparent GIF Shop for the cool pictures you see before you. Thanks !

Janice's SM Transparent GIF shop



* Her smile and charm is what makes her so devious and evil. Her powers are better than any other villain, she could beat zocite any day! Her wit and stamina made her a challenge against the Sailor scouts. You go girl! But she's much better when she's cute little old Reeny!


* She's small, pink and has the cutest


* It was our dear sweet Reeny


* She is sooo sexy!



* She was hard to beat and lasted a little bit longer than other villains !



* She is totally awesome. Pretty with cool clothes. When she's reeny she's cute, she may be a brat but that's ok.




* Black Lady is awesome. She's way more powerful than any of the other villains in Sailor Moon R. Plus she is so totally beautiful in her evil villain outfit, so needy and hateful. It is so awesome how she defeats her friends





Other close runner ups were evil Prince Darien (2nd), gorgeous Nephilite (3rd)and the sexy eyes Malachite (4th) [sorry guys!]theC

hibi, Darien, and SailorMoon !

Well there goes another poll for now, until I get some more ideas! Till then thanks to all that have voted for the past polls. They were great ! I love getting those results to you ! Are you surprised by the results ?

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