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10 reasons why SailorMoon is the best

1. Sailormoon is the best because it encourges people to keep in mind the
better side of human nature, and reminds people of the true nature of
friendship, and that there is always hope no matter how desperate the
situation seems. It also encourges people to be and do the best they
can, and to never give up on true love and romance. Plus the music is
pretty cool!

2. They have excellent transformations and special powers to fight their enemies. It has a fantastic storyline, that unlike many hero/save the world types, don't have. It goes back a thousand years...


3. The animation is by far the greatest and the ideas is the best and very original. It is a majorly cool show about a girl and her friends...

4. There are 200 episodes, 3 movies, and various specials, which is is more than enough for you to get into the story. And you wonder if they would ever consider making more, cause it's that good.


5. Each episode is so well made and so original you just want to watch it even more


6. Even though it is aimed at younger children it still appeals to all age groups


7. It is watched by a wide range of audiences around the world. They all face real problems, and don't always win, making the show more realistic.


8. Its the one show that you can trust, and you know how the scouts felt at times, and maybe even act like them! You get to know the characters so very well, just as if they were good people.


9. One of the greatest anime ever made. Sailor Moon is cool because its entertaining, funny , romantic, sad, exciting, better than Super Man, and just plain cool!


10. The show has action, humour and also can be quite dramatic at times .It also has some wonderful music to go with it.
eg. When Serena nearly loses Tuxedo mask in the episode where she discovers she is Moon Princess.




Bab's Top Ten Reasons why SailorMoon is the best 1997 - 98 !