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Voting Booth for the month of
1 May - 30 September 1999

This month's question is :

Who do you think is the best/favourite villain of the
Sailor Moon series ?

MUST pick a character from the show.


Type who you think is the best villain in this box below. Any character you like. Name 2 if you want.

My best/favourite villain character is :





Why is this villain your favourite/ the best ? (Optional)

Press the button once only when you submit. It does reach me so don't worry. Vote as many times as you like same character or different for them to win !


Be sure to come back in July to see which character did get the most votes for the best/favourite villain. So get those VOTES IN !

Check the
SailorMoon page out to see who wins when the time comes. You can vote as many times as you want. You can check out
last poll's results too. And have fun.


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