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None of the pictures or any other content such as backgrounds on any of the pages on my SailorMoon page and all my other pages such as the Main Page , Astroboy, DBZ etc.. are owned by me. They are simply pictures from other sites which I have got permission from the owner of the sites to use them. All pictures, content of the animation of course are owned by the creator of the animation. Or the source of what is being presented. Some are made from my own knowledge of the subject on my page. (Anime etc..) No other content such as midi files are owned by me either. Please do not copy the text that I have used in my own words.

So don't email me asking for permission as I do not own these pictures. My sites are only to express my ideas and interests. Any pictures you would like to provide would be a great help. Full credit will be given of course.


Credit is given to all those that help me with my pages. Thanks you to all that do by the way. If you would like to see who has helped me with my pages please click on credits on the main page.


The banners are made by me but using pictures I don't own. Ones I got permission from other sites. Thank you for the sites that helped me. No copying and replacing the name of my page for yours.


I DO NOT hold any responsibility of the information that you or your child may send to me for my birthday page. This and all my pages are intended for fun. I only display what you have submitted in the form which clearly states what the procedures are and whether or not you wish to do so. All information is held confidential and deleted after the month of that particular birthday has past. ALL emails submitted are only for my own use to remind the person submitting the birthday when it I have put their birthday up. Emails and other data from the month onwards is deleted and no further use of that information is used under any circumstances.

I DO NOT hold any responsibility on what any circumstances happen to any person/people submitting the information as only names are used when displayed. Information you submit is YOUR DECISION, I just display what is given to me. Emails are not given out for protective purposes and are deleted as soon as the month of the birthday has past/

Thank you for reading the disclaimer just so you can understand the responsibilities of my pages...