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Credits Page

Many thanks to the following people who have helped me with my SailorMoon pages..... Thanks guys !

Many thanks to Darien Roze , Icelord, Bianca Bickford and Jess who helped me with the pics on the SailorMoon pages and gallery

Bomi Lee who helped me with the midi on the SailorMoon pages like the Mars and SailorMoon ones. Thanks

A big thanks to Susan who helped me with the info for my profiles. And also some ideas for my page. Thanks for everything!

Thanks to SparkyCat, Elektra and Shadowstar who helped me with some Sailor Pluto pics.

Thanks to The Lurker who made one of my banners. It's fantastic !

Great thanks to Princess Serenity aka Laura for helping me with the top ten reasons why SailorMoon is the best and also with wonderful ideas for my page.

Chibi-Serena who helped me with a created a wonderful image for the top ten sites page and other things ! Thanks !

To everyone that gave me awards. I'm glad you like my page ! Thanks to all !

Thanks to Nikitta and JM Cruz for helping me with my questions on my Sailor Quiz. Thanks heaps ! I really appreciate it ! And anyone else who contributed to ideas for my page and quiz.

Thanks to Hino Rei O-> who helped me with the information on my page. Thank-you !

Thanks to Bluestar aka Asuka-Chan Yamasaki with the help of the cool banners you see for my page and little things that make my page the way it is today! Thank-you so much !

A great thank-you to Janice who makes one of the best picture pages on SailorMoon and the scouts ever ! Thanks for her contribution with her pictures. Check out her page !

To everyone that takes time and reads this page and also to those that do my quizzes and polls ! And also to ALL that contribute ideas and questions for the SailorMoon quiz and poll. Thank-you !


** Babs **