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Awards this page has won

These are all the awards my page has won so far. More to come soon hopefully. Thanks to all that support this site !

Thanks to Bluestarry Xie for the 3 cool awards above !

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Thanks Chief Ro !

Thanks Rei - Chan !

Thanks Chief Ro !


~Destiny Powered Award~


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Raye's Moon Madness

Thanks to Raye Hino for the cool award !

~*Luna's Great*~
Page Award

Thanks Moon !

Serena Star Award!!

Thanks Luna !

Thanks Sailor Chibi V Lurk !

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Honorable Mention!
for December 1997!
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Cupid's Top 10 Mention Award

Thanks Cupid !

I have nominated a SM Page for The Royal SM Award!
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The Royal SM Award
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Raye's Moon Madness


This page is always under construction so keep coming back to see if I have won more awards.